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Tourist Guide Mexico

Mexico is located in the North part of the American continent. It limits the north with the United States, the south with Guatemala and Belize; to the east with the Gulf of Mexico and to the west with the Pacific Ocean; and it counts on a territorial extension of 1´964,375 km which is divided in six tourist regions:

> North of Mexico. Of extremoso climate, it is characterized by his natural deserts, reserves and steep geography of the mountain ranges cross that it, as well as by the importance of his mighty industrial cities and businesses.

> Center of Mexico. It is the heart of Mexico. Here it will be able to find numerous scenes natural, colorful populations full of celebration and color, and beautiful colonial cities, declared like Patrimony of the Humanity.

> Gulf and the South of Mexico. Bathed by waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, in this region marshes, mangrove swamps and forests, ideals to practice the eco-tourism abound and to live an exciting adventure.

> The Yucatan Peninsula. Front door to the Mayan World, will be able to discover sand beaches white bathed by waters turkish color of the Caribbean Sea and to practice the diving in natural wells or the second greater reef of the world here.

> Coast of the Pacific. In this region it will find cities and populations with a rich cultural and gastronomical inheritance, as well as the best beaches for the aquatic practice of surf, fishing and other sports.

> Peninsula of Baja California. Inhabited territory from time immemorial, in this region will be able to practice golf in fields of world-wide level, to discover the submarine treasures of the Courteous Sea of and being witness of the amazing arrival of the gray whale to its coasts.

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